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HOW to Target The Ab's

HOW to Target The Ab's

HOW to Target The Ab's












It's usually a target area for just about everyone...


Whether it be to change the appearance of that area or,

to increase the strength and performance of it.


We focus on that area regulalry...


When we look in the mirror


When we try on clothes


When go to parties or scoial events


We're always conscious of it!


Despite how hard you try they fail to respond well, right?


Endless crunches or sit-ups tend to be a frustrating wasted effort.


(despite you throwing them into every exercise session you do)


That being said, I've decided to clear things up a bit for you.


Keep things simple and give you a step by step guide



STEP 1 - Train lower Ab's first. (lower part of the stomach)


It's most demanding for the nervous system so don't wait until you're tired or fatigued.


The exercise qulity when you're tired will suffer and so will progress.


(Leg raises, Pikes, Knee tucks are some example exercises)



STEP 2 - Train the obliques second (muscles to the side of the stomach)


They're not classed as an abdominal muscles BUT....


They can tilt the hips posteriorly similar to the lower abs.


(basically tilt the front of the hips upwards)


This means they can be kind of classed as a lower abdominal.



STEP 3 - Finish with the upper Ab's


Typically these are people's over-dominant abdominal muscles so DON'T prioritise them.


(They're sat in a tightened/shortened position everyday when we sit at desks leaning forwards, sit in the car or slouch on the sofa)


Leave these until the end and keep the work on these minimal!



STEP 4 - Prioritise lower rep ranges (8-12 reps).


The Ab's are fast twitch fibred and are Phasic muscles


Basiacllty meaning they're intended for power and strength work, not long duration work.


If you want them to respond well, stick with training them that way.


They'll respond much better to lower rep ranges as opposed to higher rep ranges such as 15-20+ reps.




Remember that the entire core is ALWAYS involved through major exercises...


The overhead press, Deadlifts, Squats and Lunges being prime examples.


The key to feeling them during these exercises simply comes down to refining technique.


Enjoy and try sticking with these basic rules.


If you want to address these aspects in more details,


Refine nutrition and other key aspects..


I've put together a link just for you.


LINK  -   


Take Care,


Graham Lawson - Weight Loss & Performance Coach



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OK, you caught me...

OK, you caught me...







I can't deny it anymore...

(At least I wish that's what they said!)

I'm talking about the people that cancel at the last minute

The half hearters

The time leeches 

The weird thing is, they try and blag a reason every time 

Trust me...

I see right through them!!! 

(As do most PT's by the way)

When it comes to me though, I handle it differently to other PT's

I don't give a slap on the wrist

I don't say ''it's OK, I'll book you in for next week''

I just plain and simply don't tolerate them

More than 1 cancellation....

And I explain I can't train them anymore!

Sounds harsh, right?

(If I was you reading this, I'd be thinking that I sound like a right tool!)

Please, hear me out

Sure, I could just charge them.

Sure, I could lose my temper with them. 


I could just tolerate it and think ''ahh well it's part of the job''.


People DO have genuine and serious reasons

That's completely different, we find a way to work around it.

For my loyal clients, I will move heaven and earth for them!

(Or at least I'll attempt to) ;-)


A charge, slapped wrist and a lost temper doesn't solve the issue of a non-compliant client

I'm talking about clients that aren't willing to apply themselves 

Clients that just like the IDEA of change

Clients that aren't dedicated to changing things

Clients that cancel at the last minute regularly 

Fake, make up or exaggerate injuries in order to avoid exercise 

Lie about feeling unwell then actually end up out on the town that night

The ones make up excuses AGAIN and AGAIN

The ones that complain or think about how they'd like things to change 

Then sit down that very night with a bottle of wine and a bar of chocolate

(It's sad, but it happens)

The problem is...

Most people have used some of the excuses I've mentioned before

Usually to avoid doing things that will actually help them

Get them a leaner, more toned and more defined body shape

The things is, sooner or later, these excuses have to stop

What will it take before you decide to stop making them?

Your partner showing you NO affection

Your kids being embarrassed to be seen with you


Clothes sizes continually getting bigger doesn't seem to be enough anymore!

So what else could it be?

You not wearing the clothes you want because you don't like the way you look

Reaching the age where hitting your goals just becomes harder and harder

Not feeling confident standing up in front of people at work

You moving closer and closer towards the washed up people in the magazines you read?

The list can go on and on

The list can get harsher and harsher

Either way...

Making excuses to avoid dealing with your problems can sometimes need a bit of harsh reality!

Sometimes it's the only thing that can force people to SNAP OUT OF IT!

You sometimes have to be harsh to be kind

The thing is, most people won't respond to this

I don't expect them to

(after all, it's Saturday, time to get drunk and avoid dealing with things again, right?)

For the few of you that want help, want guidance, want coaching, want answers 

Click the link below...

Link -

Take care,


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Increase your potential by 90%...

Increase your potential by 90%...

Increase your potential by 90%...














This picture clearly demonstrates how it can be done

(That's Leanne, one of my Elite clients, she's lost 15 stone so far, she's already doing it!)

However, I'm not focusing on that right now..

I want to put something across to all of you people reading this


I gonna talk about the film 'Lucy' by the way..
If you haven’t seen it, get it watched!

Best film I've seen in a long time!
(No, it's not just because Scarlett Johansson is in it either) ;-)

The films all about a woman called Lucy who starts to tap into 100% of her physical and mental potential!

We've all heard the stories about humans only use 10% of their potential, right?
Even dolphins are more intelligent than us!! 

(Seriously, they are, Morgan Freeman says it so it must be true!) ;-)


With that film in the back of my mind…
I was sat on the train yesterday morning, it got me thinking
How cool would it be if we could actually start using 100% of our potential??!
Everyone would be amazed by us
Everyone would admire us
People would become incredibly jealous of us
People would attempt to be like us

FINALLY the penny dropped!!!

It relates ridiculously closely to any goal that we want!!!!

A work related goal

A new car 

A holiday


It could be a weight loss goal…

These goals are great, yet there's one reason why aren't hitting them!

(Especially weight loss goal!!)

We have the people using 10% of their potential…
The ones that maybe choose a healthy snack one or two days a week

The ones that only drink one or two nights of the week

The ones that have a gym membership, yet never use it

The people that base their exercise around walking on the treadmill, followed by 10 minutes on the X-Trainer
These kinda people make a small effort yet see minimal progress


This group of people sit static at where they're currently at!!!

Then we have the second group of people... 


The people hitting 100% of their potential!!

They have a clear strategy that they understand for EVERYDAY

They’re invited into an online PRIVATE group where ONLY the other 100% members

They have their clear Training Programme that’s progressed EVERY session

They have their Nutritional knowledge base that develops EVERYDAY!

They have their health supplements that are SPECIFIC to their needs!

They have everything they need to reach their full potential!
There’s a reason why people like Leanne Kelly, Rach Dawkins, Dean Lambert, Tracey Milnes, Emma Relph, and the rest of my ELITE clients leave everyone else behind!
They NEVER sit static!!

Every week, there's progression!

The funny thing is….

They now get people asking them for advice!!!!
They bypass me and go straight to them!!!

What’s even better is….

They've been coached well enough that they could probably pick up on exactly what the ''10% people'' are doing wrong!

Two of my clients now have their OWN her own Facebook Fan Page based on Weight Loss Nutrition!!
(How cools that!)

I'll be honest, I'm selective about who I accept on to my training packages

It's not because I expect perfection

All I expect is people to be willing to change and to have an open mind

You can join these people that are utilising 100% of their potential…

You don't have to be an expert in the gym

You could be clueless on nutrition

Trust me...

It's all about having the right mindset!

If you want to gain a clear plan

I'll put one together with you

You can sit back, use 10% of your potential and expect everything to turn out OK in the end!
If you're going to be a 10% individual…

Remember this before you consider reverting back to short lived or unsuccessful techniques you've tried in the past....

’’The true definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results’’ Albert Einstein

For those of you ready for a change and ready to tap into areas you've probably never even heard of or understood before…
Throw your story over
I’ll put a clear plan and strategy together for you.
(The value of these calls is £50 by the way!)

For those of you that throw your info over….
I’ll be looking for it coming through and will respond within 24 hours

Click the Link -

Take care,


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Me and The Emergency Dentist...

The Emergency Dentist Taught Me A Lesson...

Me and The Emergency Dentist...













It's a love hate relationship...

Yesterday I had to take the whole day away from gym!

(Which I wasn't happy about!)

Mind you, it was my own fault!

I was up all Sunday night in AGONISING pain!!

Seriously, I'd rather have had someone put match sticks underneath my finger nails!

(You know, like in that James Bond film)

That night I had to shoot to the hospital to see what the hell was going on!

All of a sudden, pain from nowhere!

(I knew something wasn't right!!)

Turns out, an old filling was knackered and had dug into the nerve in my tooth!

Worst thing was, the injection didn't even numb the nerve either!!

(I felt like crying, just don't tell my mates I told you that!) ;-)

The funny thing is...

I sat in waiting room blaming my teeth for causing the pain...

When actually...

It was all my fault!

I knew there was an issue with that filling...

The pain had gradually got worse

I kept putting off dealing with it 

I just avoided the dentist

I was thinking....'a bit of Sensodyne will sort it!'

Fact it...

This happens with far too many things, not just with me and my teeth!

You see..

We get people that are overweight

Self-conscious as hell

Unhappy every time they look in the mirror

Jealous of other friends because they're in better shape than them

So what do they do...

They kinda do what I tried to do with Sensodyne...

They eat shit food to try and make themselves feel better!

Does it work?

For a bout 10 minutes!

So what does it actually take before people choose to seek advice?

- A comment from their partner that they're not attracted to them any more

- Them overhearing their ''so called'' friends talking about them behind their back

- Embarrassment at the school gates when they pick the kids up?

Fact is...

People can try and sugar coat, ignore it and put it off...

These feeling are always there!

Maybe not yet, maybe not for everyone!


They're there.

You can ask for advice, guidance and a solution to get you away from this...

If you wanna ignore it and pretend that these things don't actually happen,

That's your choice

The fact is, you have to be willing to change what you're currently doing

Accept that the way you've been acting has got you into your current situation

Accepting that YOUR wrong is hard!

(Most people avoid it!)

Yet, if you're not WILLING to do that...

Your circumstances won't change.

If you gain advice, guidance and a clear plan...

You'll get what you deserve.

PS. Thanks to everyone that submitted their goals and targets from my last email

I'll be back in touch as ASAP!

If you missed it, here's the Coaching Call link 

Click the link -

Take care,


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