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Welcome to the Smartshaper Fitness Blog. Here you will find regularly updated topics on fitness, nutrition, workout programs and fat loss tips:

The Truth about Fat Burners

The Truth about Fat Burners

The Truth about Fat Burners -


Almost everyone looking for quick and effective weights loss has at some point at least considered looking in to using fat burners or a fat burning supplement as a solution.   The fact is they won't work if there are nutritional deficiencies in any shape or form.  There are supplements that can be used for weight loss which I will get on to later on but these are based around giving the body what it needs in order to breakdown saturated fats.  However if the underlying nutritional issues aren't resolved first they too will have minimal effect with regards to fat burning.  The first thing that anyone looking to lose weight should initially prioritise is stabilising blood sugar and insulin levels.  This can be done relatively simply by eliminating sugar from your diet and controlling carbohydrate intake.  If your blood sugar is constantly fluctuating throughout the day certain hormones necessary for muscular development/maintenance will fluctuate also which will lead to much less progress both performance wise and fat reduction wise. secondly, If there are higher levels of sugar held within the body especially in and around exercise there is absolutely no chance of the body switching to a lypolytic state (using fat for energy) as the body will always prioritise glycogen or sugar until it is fully depleted.  If you are taking in any form of carbohydrate or sugar based drink during or prior to exercise STOP Immediately!  I guarantee you will make little to no progress fat loss wise regardless of how hard you work!

Without going in to too much detail, the main things you need to focus on if you are looking to accelerate fat reduction prior to using any supplements are the following.

Eliminate refined or added sugars from the diet.

Eliminate processed cereals or minimise them.

Prioritise veg over fruits and ideally green veg and aim to eat predominantly dark thin skinned fruits (i.e.berries, plums etc.)

Reduce caffeine (this causes the body to release blood sugar through adrenaline release.  As mentioned above, if the body is releasing glycogen you aren't in a lypolytic (fat burning state).

Following this, the things that need focusing on are the balancing of deficiencies in the body, which everyone has in some shape or form.

There are key signs and ways of identifying deficiencies easily and quickly.

However, if you want to get a good indication of what your body is struggling with then visit –

Take the free Lifestyle Analysis.  It's a tool you can use yourself that is easy to use but very useful.  Take a look.

I hope this has helped clarify a few areas but if you have any questions then just drop me an e-mail.

Speak soon,


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The Truth About Fat

The Truth About Fat
Do fats make you fat? Many people are under the impression that fats and fats in foods are responsible for making them fat and increasing the size of their waistlines. Many people react to t,his by reducing the amount of fat in their diet. This is completely the wrong way to go about targeting body fat reduction!! Cutting out fats will actually detract from fat loss and make your body deficient in a massive amount of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids which will decrease the quality of your health and well being as well as contributing towards unstable blood sugar and insulin levels in the body. If you have constantly fluctuating blood sugar levels you are massively contributing towards fat gain, muscle wastage/breakdown and worse of all increasing the chances of developing a huge number of diseases and medical conditions such as diabetes. So how do you go about keeping fats in your diet? Step 1 - In order to improve your health and maximise fat loss your priority should be to minimise processed carbohydrates and sugars. By doing this your blood sugar and insulin levels will remain much more stable, your energy levels, mood, sleeping patterns and muscular recovery and development will all be significantly improved. Step 2 - Base every main meal around proteins and fats (I.e lean red meats, nuts, dairy, fish, eggs, chicken etc). Fill 1/2 to 3/4 of your plates/bowls with predominantly protein and fat based foods and fill as much of the rest with veg and low sugar and high vitamin and mineral containing fruits (I.e. blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries or any type of berry). Step 3 - keep starch/processed and generally foods with poor nutritional quality to a maximum of 1/4 of your plate (I.e. breads, cereals, pastas) Final Step - Due to many people if not almost everyone being deficient in omega 3 fatty acids and it being very hard to eat good quality oily fish such as salmon and mackerel everyday, introduce an omega 3 supplement. Using a Fish oil supplement or flaxseed supplement with every main meal will massively improve your health and accellerate fat loss. I personally use Krill oil capsules myself and with my clients as they are very very high quality and very effective. Take action and introduce these simple changes to your diet straight away. Take waist, hip and arm measurements before you change things and then after two to three weeks measure again. I guarantee your measurements and waistline in particular will have reduced. Your sleep, mood and geral feeling of well being will also have significantly improved. If you have questions on this please do not hesitate to get in touch - Email - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Enjoy.

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Three simple tips

Three simple tips


 Three Simple Tips


People are often looking for simple and easy steps to take to assist Weight Loss -


Here's three ridiculously simple tips -


 No.1 - Coffee 

Prioritising when Coffee is drank and caffeine is taken in is hugely important! Coffe raises the stress hormone cortisol, this hormone peaks twice throughout the day.  Raising the levels of this hormone at unnatural times and overdoing coffee/caffeine can cause ignificant diegstive issues and decrease the absorption of food.  

If you're going to drink coffee, priortise these two times in the day when the stress hormone rises naturally -

- 1 cup first thing in the morning 

- 1 cup about 45 minutes before exercise

Sticking to these two timings consistently as opposed to hammering coffee throughout the day will imporve mood stability, more stable stress levels and improve sleeping patterns.  All of these things are vital for Weight Loss and general health.

No. 2 - Fruit selection

Try to base the majority of your fruit intake around berries or dark purple coloured fruits.  Dark coloured fruit and berries are lower in sugar than almost all fruits.  They are also significantly high in vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants.

Regular fruit and veg intake is vital for Weight Loss and general health.  They help maintain high levels of digestible fibre which assists with nutrient absorption due to the regulation of the bodies digestive speed. 

I could go on to explain a bit about how to select portion sizes however, I'll leave this for another Blog article as it's a huge subject. 


This may sound basic but the body relies upon water! FACT! Almost every action and reaction in the human body requires water in some way, shape or form.  Without it the body struggles to carry out basic daily tasks and activities.

I'm not going to give you a generic water intake such as 'you should drink 8 glasses a day'. 


Becasue it's often inaccurate.  You're water intake should factor in several things such as weight, age, training structure, protein intake and exercise goal.  

Howver, what I will do is goive you a basic calculation that you can use that gives you an approximate figure based on body weight.

Use this equation to calculate your water intake -

Body Weight (kg) x 0.033 = water target in Litres

(e.g. 100kg male x 0.033 = 3.3 litres per day)

Give these a shot.  They're basic but when they're are done consistently they're more effective than you think.


Speak soon,




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With 80% of the U.K. Now deemed obese or overweight.

It's safe to say that most will have experienced some form of dieting.


Yet, somethings missing...


The end results...the finished product for lack of a better word.  


Despite hard efforts and dedication, individuals that have lost weight successfully and kept it off are far too rare!!  


The lack of desire or determination to lose weight isn't the issue! 


The lack of access to free nutritional guidance via social media isn't an's EVERYWHERE! 


Granted, there are endless amounts of barriers that impact people's ability to make permanent progress, all of which affect people to different degrees.


That being said, I want to focus on one.


One that EVERYONE is GUILTY of! 




The phenomenal ability we possess to point the finger at ourselves at every opportunity!! 


We seem to be able to block out the positive steps we've made pretty damn easily.


However, as soon as the progress stops... 


The scales don't move


The waistline plateaus




We're off the rails! 


We go to town on ourselves!


Beating ourselves up about that ONE tiny slip-up.


This is the what I like to refer to as almost a Tipping Point!


Where people's emotions get the better of their food choices.








All start to dictate our food choices!!  


LOGICAL decision making goes out the window! 


EMOTION outweighs LOGIC when it comes to making nutritional choices.  

(read that again) 


This is one HUGE aspect that "Quick Fix" nutritional structures fail to take in and address!


Let me give you an example...


Let's take Amy, who is clinically obese. 


Amy has had numerous dieting attempts and they've unfortunately failed.


Amy's had a bad relationship with food most of her's became her part of "normal" routine.


She's eager to loose weight, primarily to improve her self-confidence and and just feel happy for once.


Amy's probably now in the mindset that she doesn't deserve to lose weight, that she's simply not capable of it.  


Due to her low self-esteem, she's seriously nervous about drawing attention to herself and changes to her nutritional structure around her friends.


Amy then makes a decision...


She buys an extreme "Quick-Fix" diet from a Facebook advert! 




Because she's now at the point of DESPERATION! 


The diet includes meals containing foods she really doesn't enjoy. 


Certain foods have simply been labelled as "off limits"...this includes during all social situations with her friends.   


This has put Amy into a position where she's now on a crazily low calorie diet...her hunger is through the roof!! 


Mood swings, disrupted sleep, tiredness and irritability all crop up because of this! 


To make it worse, Amy lives right next door to a corner shop...packed full of offers on biscuits, chocolate and sweets that she passes on her way home from work everyday! 


Pretty extreme, right??? 


Now, let me ask you question.... 


Does this really look like a successful plan for Amy?

(hopefully you can start to see the answer)


Granted, Amy is an extreme example...but you don't have to be an expert to see that this is doomed for failure.  


That being said, the outlining principles from this article can apply to you, me or anyone lookng to change things nutritionally in the persuit of an end goal.


BEFORE making choices or being lured in by quick fix diets...STEP BACK!!!


ALWAYS make an EDUCATED decision when it comes to looking to choose a route towards weight loss.


Despite emotion, past failures and an incredibly strong desire to want to change as well temptation all kicking in during your decision making process...


ASK someone in a position to advise, ideally a Coach!


This could me or another coach entirely!!


As long as they can bypass the emotional feelings that you could be basing your decisions upon and make an educated decision...


In my opinion...that's not only a priority but an essential when looking for long-term progress. 

 (i.e. losing weight healthily and keeping it off).


If you want my help...


Click the link and tell me about yourself.


Coaching Session Request Link -



Take care,



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