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Warning! This Stops Weight Loss!

Warning! This Stops Weight Loss!

There's all sorts of reasons that people have that can slow down or stop Weight Loss.  Prime examples of these are uncertaintanty on nutrition and exercise.  These reasons are completely understandable and almsot everyone has issues with these two points all of the time, so don't worry.

However, there's one HUGE issue that people never ever even consisder...


Everyone suffers from stress, whether it be from work, family life, exercise or potentially other areas.   

Regardless of reason, the body will still responds in the same way.  It will realease high amounts of Cortisol (the stress hormone) 

If you're wondering what raised Corstisol feels like here are a few basic examples:

- That feeling of anger when someone pushes infront of you in a que

- That irritated feeling when a child won't do as you ask

- The nervous sensation before an important presentation at work


So, how can this impact negatively on Weight Loss? 

When Cortisol rises to high levels too consistantly, it stops the secretion of Hydrochloric acid in the stomach (basically the diestive juices in the stomach).  This prevents normal food breakdown and absorption therefore, we miss out on the benficial ingredients from the foods we eat.  Signs of low low levels of Stomach acid can be a bloated feeling after a meal, indigestion or even acid reflux.

How else can high Cortisol levels prevent Weight Loss?

High Cortisol levels will almost always lead to disrupted sleep.  Waking up in the night or early morning are signs of this (and no it's not because you need the toilet, regardless of what time you wake up, your bodies first response will be to go to the toilet).  This period of sleep is where our body recovers from the day both Psychologically and Physically.  If this is disrupted the body simply won't recover anywhere near as effectively as it could do.

One other simple sign which is ridiculously common, is the craving for SUGAR, ALCOHOL or COFFEE!  


Becasuse they make us feel better and release hormones such as (Dopamine, the feel good hormone).  High Cortisol makes us feel rundown, tired and negative.  These foods/drinks help lift us out of this negative state.

Unfortnately, can you really see high amounts of Alcohol, Sugar or Coffee assisting with Weight Loss??

(You probably already know the answer to that question)


There are so many other neagtive ways stress can impact Weight Loss, Performnce and general feeling of well being. 

Although we can never completely avoid stress, we can work around it and prevent it from hindering our progress.

So, how can we help control and work around stress?

Here are some basic examples -

1) Using a magnesium spplement in general and 30 minutes before bed.  Firstly, we're all deificeint in it (FACT), it carries out more than 300 actions/reactions within the body.  However, it also assissts with a restful nights sleep therefore helping both psychologcal and physical recovery as well as assiting muscular recovery and relief of soreness after exercise.

2) Switch high Caffeine based drinks such as coffee or enegry drinks for an alternative drink such as teas (chamomile is perfect, as is green tea).  This reduction in caffeine helps stop unnatural hightented levels of Cortisol throughout the day therefore lowering fluctutions in psychological stress.

3) Exercise, even if it's just walking.  Although it does temporarliy raise physical stress whilst you exercise, it takes our mind off Psychological stressors which are always the biggest problem.  As an added benefit, we also get the Dopamine release afterwards which makes us feel happer and more content without having to use negative foods/alcohol to do it. 

4) Stretching or massage.  We tend to hold a lot of tension and stress in our muscles, particluarly around the shoulders and neck.  Dedciate some time consistently to help relieve this muscular tension. It helps create a feeling of relaxation, assists with sleep as well as promoting blood flow and muscular recovery.  


These are some very basic examples that can be easily applied.  Believe me, they will improve Weight Loss and the general feeling of well being.  My advice is to consider introducting at least one of these methods conistently.  DON'T try all four as you'll be like a dog chasing four rabbits, trust me, something WILL slip if you do that! 


I continually use and encourage methods like this and others with myself and my clients.  Why? because they feel better, happier and it gains significantly better results!


For any of you that are considering a change, don't hesitate to explain it to us.  We're happy to give and offer advice.


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Graham Lawson - Weight Loss Coach

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