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Do you deserve to binge?



Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a scrooge, I love Christmas and it’s the only time of year I take time off work and training.  However, I apply myself for the rest of the year to take this time off and allow some flexibility. 

However, looking at the festive period as a health professional and a fly on the wall, I see things slightly differently. 

Every year leading up to Christmas, people start planning and preparing earlier and earlier. 

This is great for creating excitement and developing a huge build up for the festive period.  The down side is, it also starts to create distractions from people’s daily eating habits and exercise structure earlier and earlier in the year.

People start to binge and splurge on foods and alcohol more and more with it happening earlier and more frequently year on year.

Typically the excuse used is ‘’ahh well, it’s Christmas, why not, I deserve it’’.

For SOME people this is true.  The extra leeway and flexibility isn’t a problem but how do you know if you’re one of them?

Here’s my honest and open opinion.

Ask yourself the following question….

Are you in a worse position now health wise at this time of year in comparison to where you were last year?

If the answer is a resounding YES then you DON’T deserve it!


Mainly because you’ve clearly been indulging enough over the last year!

The physical results are there as proof of this overindulgence, they didn’t just appear solely to spite you.  They’re simply the end product of your last 12 months and nothing more!   

If you believe you do deserve overindulging even further, write down all the reasons that you can think of that can justify it.

I’m talking solely about the ones that your body health wise would agree with.


That being said, some of you do deserve that time and flexibility and be sure to enjoy it, you’ve earned it.

I’m talking about the people that have made a conscious effort to improve their health levels, exercise regularly or change their diet for the better over the last twelve months. 

Even better if you’ve managed to get yourself into a position where your health levels are better this year than what they were last year!!

That’s a clear reflection of what your invested time, hard work and effort to change things for the better has resulted in. 


If you fall into this category, give yourself a pat on the back for what you’ve achieved and enjoy the reward over the festive period, you deserve it.   

If you don’t fall into this list, please stop kidding yourself or trying to justify that you deserve it just because temptation gets the better of you far too often.

That’s not an excuse from a health perspective.

That’s something that you clearly need guidance and coaching on in order to progress past it.  

Do you HAVE to take my opinion as ‘’the right’’ way of looking at it?

Nope, you can ignore it, close this article and pretend you’ve never read it. 

Just bear in mind that no one else other than you will have to deal with the negative long-term consequences of doing this repeatedly.

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