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It's YOUR responsibility, NOT mine

It's YOUR responsibility, NOT mine








I'm at that point where I'm struggling.

Grafting to keep my own nutrition bang on. 

Forcing myself to progress my own training every week


Whilst doing this, I'm guiding other people with theirs.


I'll be honest, It gets really tough!


I've got no one to continually push me other than myself

Trust me, I'm no different to anyone else!

Everything is never perfect, regardless of who you are.


However, there's one incredibly powerful lesson to remember.


This CAN be the difference between success and failure!


I had to actually put this across to a loyal client of mine yesterday.

I had to be harsh to be kind with her.

I had to pretty much tell her EXACTLY how it is!!


She's done PHENOMENALLY well in the past,


Yet, since Christmas she's struggled.

Struggled to get back into things.

Struggled to keep the reigns on nutrition.


She was contemplating giving up!

(Throwing the towel in basically)


I had to explain that regardless of what she chose to do, she would be the one responsible for the end outcome!





This can be applied to everyone...


YOUR responsible for YOUR current situation

Getting YOURSELF into the position YOU'RE in now

Resposible for YOUR current body shape.


NOT your friends!

NOT your family!


It's YOUR responsibility!


YOUR the one that will have to deal with the results,

YOUR the one that will feel guilty afterwards!

YOUR the one that will feel angry afterwards!

YOUR the one that will feel self-conscious!




You see...


We always have a choice,


Whether it be to eat badly, 

or to eat healthily 


Whether to train consistently, 

or be lazy and do the bear minimum 


Whether to give up when when it gets challenging,

or to carry on and push through it


In any of these situations,

YOU always have a choice


It's NOT my responsibility to FORCE you to make a choice.

That's down to YOU!


There's no point in FORCING someone to change something


If someone wants to change the situation they're in now,

they'll make the right choice.


So take a piece of advice from my client from yesterday.


She decided to carry on and push through it, 

She's jumped straight back on it,

Training with me today and willing to work through it,


Despite it being tough both mentally and physcially.


She didn't decide to hide away and sulk about it.  

She didn't choose to feel sorry for herself.


(Like the majority of people would)


She decided to TAKE ACTION!

She decided to actually FORCE herself to work.


I can guarantee that it will be hard, changing habits and mind-set is NEVER easy!


Actually FOCRING yourself to do it  takes SERIOUS mental strength!


I massively respect her for doing it!


I Personally know exactly how hard it is.


All of that being said...


Whichever choice you make is down to YOU!


Just bear in mind that so are the end results!


Rememeber that YOU'RE the one that will either reap the rewards or suffer the consequences!


So, for the dedicated few,


You know where to find me,


Just click the link at the bottom.


Speak soon,


Graham ' Harsh to be Kind' Lawson


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