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Jesus, it's purple...

Jesus, it's purple...
This ones a bit off subject,
It's not about weight loss
It's not about personal training
It's not about nutrition
This about something much more important
Today is PURPLE DAY!!!
A lot of you probably won't know what that is...
It's kinda new.
Today is officially an opportunity to support care for epilepsy
(A condition that I personally have and understand well)
It's something that's close to my heart
Having seen and dealt with the in's and out's of it
It's something than can and does take complete control.
Often of peoples lives, abilities and their friends and family at times.
There is often a stigma attached with it
(which in my opinion is unfortunate and inaccurate)
However, myself and everyone affected by the condition would greatly appreciate your support.
Treatment can often be very complex and long-term
(for some people treatment is often for a lifetime)
I don't expect everyone to donate,
Unfortunately, some people tend to dodge the charity boxes
Which is strange,
(especially when a donation can be less than the cost of a coffee)
For those of you that don't fall into that category
For those of of you that are willing to support the condition,
I massively respect and appreciate you for it.
I have a placed a link at the bottom for you.
Thank you for taking the time to read this email
I greatly appreciate it.
(as do a hell of a lot other people surrounded/affected by epilepsy)

Thank you in advance,
Graham Lawson
Link -

BTW. Please don't be one of the people that thinks to themselves that they'll donate next time.  You know fine well you've most likely been saying that for far too long now.

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