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Me and The Emergency Dentist...

The Emergency Dentist Taught Me A Lesson...

Me and The Emergency Dentist...













It's a love hate relationship...

Yesterday I had to take the whole day away from gym!

(Which I wasn't happy about!)

Mind you, it was my own fault!

I was up all Sunday night in AGONISING pain!!

Seriously, I'd rather have had someone put match sticks underneath my finger nails!

(You know, like in that James Bond film)

That night I had to shoot to the hospital to see what the hell was going on!

All of a sudden, pain from nowhere!

(I knew something wasn't right!!)

Turns out, an old filling was knackered and had dug into the nerve in my tooth!

Worst thing was, the injection didn't even numb the nerve either!!

(I felt like crying, just don't tell my mates I told you that!) ;-)

The funny thing is...

I sat in waiting room blaming my teeth for causing the pain...

When actually...

It was all my fault!

I knew there was an issue with that filling...

The pain had gradually got worse

I kept putting off dealing with it 

I just avoided the dentist

I was thinking....'a bit of Sensodyne will sort it!'

Fact it...

This happens with far too many things, not just with me and my teeth!

You see..

We get people that are overweight

Self-conscious as hell

Unhappy every time they look in the mirror

Jealous of other friends because they're in better shape than them

So what do they do...

They kinda do what I tried to do with Sensodyne...

They eat shit food to try and make themselves feel better!

Does it work?

For a bout 10 minutes!

So what does it actually take before people choose to seek advice?

- A comment from their partner that they're not attracted to them any more

- Them overhearing their ''so called'' friends talking about them behind their back

- Embarrassment at the school gates when they pick the kids up?

Fact is...

People can try and sugar coat, ignore it and put it off...

These feeling are always there!

Maybe not yet, maybe not for everyone!


They're there.

You can ask for advice, guidance and a solution to get you away from this...

If you wanna ignore it and pretend that these things don't actually happen,

That's your choice

The fact is, you have to be willing to change what you're currently doing

Accept that the way you've been acting has got you into your current situation

Accepting that YOUR wrong is hard!

(Most people avoid it!)

Yet, if you're not WILLING to do that...

Your circumstances won't change.

If you gain advice, guidance and a clear plan...

You'll get what you deserve.

PS. Thanks to everyone that submitted their goals and targets from my last email

I'll be back in touch as ASAP!

If you missed it, here's the Coaching Call link 

Click the link -

Take care,


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