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OK, you caught me...

OK, you caught me...







I can't deny it anymore...

(At least I wish that's what they said!)

I'm talking about the people that cancel at the last minute

The half hearters

The time leeches 

The weird thing is, they try and blag a reason every time 

Trust me...

I see right through them!!! 

(As do most PT's by the way)

When it comes to me though, I handle it differently to other PT's

I don't give a slap on the wrist

I don't say ''it's OK, I'll book you in for next week''

I just plain and simply don't tolerate them

More than 1 cancellation....

And I explain I can't train them anymore!

Sounds harsh, right?

(If I was you reading this, I'd be thinking that I sound like a right tool!)

Please, hear me out

Sure, I could just charge them.

Sure, I could lose my temper with them. 


I could just tolerate it and think ''ahh well it's part of the job''.


People DO have genuine and serious reasons

That's completely different, we find a way to work around it.

For my loyal clients, I will move heaven and earth for them!

(Or at least I'll attempt to) ;-)


A charge, slapped wrist and a lost temper doesn't solve the issue of a non-compliant client

I'm talking about clients that aren't willing to apply themselves 

Clients that just like the IDEA of change

Clients that aren't dedicated to changing things

Clients that cancel at the last minute regularly 

Fake, make up or exaggerate injuries in order to avoid exercise 

Lie about feeling unwell then actually end up out on the town that night

The ones make up excuses AGAIN and AGAIN

The ones that complain or think about how they'd like things to change 

Then sit down that very night with a bottle of wine and a bar of chocolate

(It's sad, but it happens)

The problem is...

Most people have used some of the excuses I've mentioned before

Usually to avoid doing things that will actually help them

Get them a leaner, more toned and more defined body shape

The things is, sooner or later, these excuses have to stop

What will it take before you decide to stop making them?

Your partner showing you NO affection

Your kids being embarrassed to be seen with you


Clothes sizes continually getting bigger doesn't seem to be enough anymore!

So what else could it be?

You not wearing the clothes you want because you don't like the way you look

Reaching the age where hitting your goals just becomes harder and harder

Not feeling confident standing up in front of people at work

You moving closer and closer towards the washed up people in the magazines you read?

The list can go on and on

The list can get harsher and harsher

Either way...

Making excuses to avoid dealing with your problems can sometimes need a bit of harsh reality!

Sometimes it's the only thing that can force people to SNAP OUT OF IT!

You sometimes have to be harsh to be kind

The thing is, most people won't respond to this

I don't expect them to

(after all, it's Saturday, time to get drunk and avoid dealing with things again, right?)

For the few of you that want help, want guidance, want coaching, want answers 

Click the link below...

Link -

Take care,


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