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Pass or Fail?

Pass or Fail?










That's the way we think about dieting, right? 

It's not a case of us pin-pointing the individual points we did well




It's a case of us coming down on ourselves like a tonne of bricks! 

As soon as the scales don't move...

As as we give in to temptation with food...


All we feel is GUILT! 

Like we've failed almost! 


I've made mistakes, and felt that way trust me. 

(it's a hard feeling to avoid)


However, in my opinion... 



There's no fully accurate generic grading system for health, nutrition, performance or weight loss!   

(even BMI isn't 100% accurate)


So when you see promotions saying things such as...


"This is what your diet should look like"


Take a wide berth of them...there's no generic diet that suits everyone! 

There's simply lessons to be taken from different choices we make.

Whether that be nutritionally, training wise or something else health related. 

Some have the desired results we want and some don't.


Either way, it simply gives us feedback. 

Information to reassess and look for new choices or options that can be taken in the future.   

A major reason that people often feel as if they fail on diet is because they make it so damn hard for themselves!

Carrying out DRASTIC changes, or several of them at once is a prime example.


Joining an overly advanced training programme

Eliminating ALL food that they enjoy

Reducing calories to a crazy degree


None of these options are sustainable long-term...


It's simply a matter of time before someone reverts back to what their comfortable with. 

(will power alone only lasts so long and takes someone so far)


So please take my advice...


Do yourself a favour.

Stop gauging progress solely off numbers dropping or being "100% perfect" with your diet...

Guess what??? 

It's an IMPOSSIBLE target! 

Like I said...

There's no generic grading system!  

It's NOT pass or fail. 


Are there gradual progressions that can be made?.....Yea 

Can people develop new habits?.....Yea 

Can people make progress towards their own "specific" target?....Yea


This is just my opinion based on my experience....however I wouldn't be sharing it with you if I didn't think it was worthwhile.


Take care,



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