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We ALL Want Them...

We all want them, they're far too tempting!


I'm talking about INSTANT RESULTS!


We say we're willing to commit long-term, dedicate ourselves 110% and do what's necessary...


Yet there's always that nagging voice in our heads that wants results NOW!


Not tomorrow...NOW! 


It's essentially the idea of getting to the carrot on the end of the string INSTANTLY!! 


Whether it's because we hate the situation we're currently in that badly or because we're just impatient...


It's hard to say which is true! 


Either way, are INSTANT or DRASTIC results EVER good? 


Long story short....NO! 




Whether it be drastic weight gain or drastic weight loss, why do you think the body would respond dramatically???


The short answer....STRESS!!!


CRAZY amounts of it at that!! 


The reason it has responded in that manner is in an attempt to try and deal with the intense pressure that's being put upon it.


Guess what...IT'S STRUGGLING! 


Otherwise the body wouldn't physically adjust so rapidly! 


Whether it be severe nutritional methods, psychological or physical stress, the body will attempt to adapt to it to maintain normal function!!


It's incredibly stubborn that way, it attempts to maintain homeostasis!

(aka. the same constant state)


If a drastic result or end product has occurred it's sending ONE message...




To paraphrase another top coach, 


"Drastic changes is like red lining a car.  If you do it continually somethings gonna blow" - (Phil Learney - Real World Fat Loss)  


So take this from me....


When you see all of the so called "Miracle Solutions" on Facebook that ONLY crop up in January...


Take them with a HUGE pinch of salt 

(or maybe even a shovel full) ;-) 


Whilst bearing in mind what I've mentioned above. 


Even if they ever could offer a DRASTIC result...

(which is rare by the way)


Would YOU even want it??


I just thought I'd throw this one forwards.


Giving you a little food for thought almost.


If you're skeptical, and maybe think that the drastic approach is the best way...


How's this for a statistic....


Close to 90% of all the 'Americas Biggest Loser' tv show contestants thus far have now actually gained ALL if not MORE weight back than before they started the show.


Funny how we don't see the down sides or potential negative consequences of the so called "miracle" approach isn't it??


Ask my clients and look at some of the most successful individuals around whether it be athletes or even an inspirational friend that's done incredibly well....


They'll ALL have one thing in common....


They'll have followed a consistent and progressive PLAN that's SUSTAINABLE. 


Something to bear in mind when choosing which route to take towards your end goal.


P.S. I'm still accepting applications for complimentary coaching sessions.  


If you're looking to stop proctrasting and putting things off, here's you're opportunity.


Link - Coaching Session Request Form



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