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Why You're Still Not Losing Weight

Why You're Still Not Losing Weight

It's the harsh reality, each year, we as a nation are becoming more and more overweight.


Statistics show this however, it's not solely our own fault.  


In my opinion it's often down to the dieting methods and advice given to us that simply dones't work or in pain garbage and full of holes.


That being said....

Why do most diets fail?

Because they're not damn enjoyable!


We as humans always want instant or quick results.


Why do you think we reach for weight loss tea's, meal replacements shakes and fat burners.


We want a quick fix and we're on certain on how or where to start.


We're not interested in a twelve month option if there's a two month or two week one available. 


The media and magazines push us towards these fixed time frame dieting methods such as "6 week weight loss" or "8 week Ab's"


I used to think these were potentially helpful until I've seen how people can rebound from them and the psychological affect it has on them.


They simply reinforces the fact that a diet should be a very harsh, extreme and short-term solution...


This is basically yo-yo dieting...

(i.e. nutritional changes that are unsustainable long-term)


Because we aim and are often pushed towards these quick and extreme solutions it means we usually eliminate all the pleasurable and tasty food in our diet...


These foods change from person to person but they're the foods we crave on a regular basis. Chocolate, biscuits, cake and pizza are all examples. 


We typically in a strange way rely on these foods, we lean towards them in order to feel happier when we get upset, feel stressed, run-down or tired or after an incredibly hard week.


How long do you think a diet eliminating all of these is going to really last??


I know I wouldn't want to be the one at the end of a pointing finger in a circle of my friends all drawing attention to me and questioning me for not eating anything at a resteraunt or cafe because it doesn't fit with my extreme diet...would you?


It's just uncomfortable for most people.


That being said, ask yourself this question...


Do enjoyable foods ever have to be taken out of someone's diet if they're simply looking for initial weight loss?


I have an opinion...


I won't tell you it...but you can guess what it is ;-)


Diets and weight loss at the end of the day ultimately come down to one thing.


We simply have to use more calories each day that what we take in from food, regardless of which foods these calories come from.

(sounds strange coming from a weight loss coach, right?)


However, all this simply means is that as long as we can control pleasurable foods, factor in their calories and over time progress to healthier options as behaviours change.


Weight loss WILL happen and WILL be sustained.


Would it be better to eat more natural and healthier foods than chocolate for example?


Potentially yes however, not everyone wants to step on stage as a fitness model or bodybuilder and live off a chicken and broccoli diet.


Most people looking for weight loss simply want to feel happier about themselves and how they look.


More comfortable with their appearance and with higher levels of self-confidence so they're not intimidated to walk into a gym or party being afraid of people making negative judgements about them.


To get this, you don't need to put yourself through a torturous dieting method, you don't need extremes.


You'll have seen all different types of diets, paleo, Atkins, no carbs, no fat etc.


There's no ONE right diet...


The best thing for you and me as a coach to do is look at the pro's and con's of all of them and simply selects the best option and tailor it to suit you...the individual


Take Care,



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