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You CAN'T lose weight?....or has the media just mislead you??

You CAN'T lose weight?....or has the media just mislead you??

You probably know your goal pretty damn well.


You know what aspects you're unhappy with.


You've probably had these targets for a while now,


Maybe you've tried several different diets.


Yet you just fell short or never really got to the point you wanted to.


You probably have a gym membership or already exercise...


You graft your arse off week in week out.


Whether it be classes, outdoors or in the gym...


Yet you simply just don't get the results you want or deserve.


I see this in the Fitness Industry ALL the time.


The funny thing is, when I speak to gym members about it...


I hear the same reasons and comments again and again. 


Usually down the lines of...


''I'm not gentically gifted enough''


''I'm just not meant to have that body shape''


''I don't have the will power to do it''


Let me tell you, these reasons aren't as true as what you may think.   


Everyone has the potential to make progress...even when genetics are taken into account!


Essentially, we all start exercising or dieting with an aim in mind.


Usually with an aim to better ourselves or change the way we look or feel in some way shape or form.


Basically looking to move towards what we see as an "acceptabel" point.

(myself included)


Yet the media has us all led to believe in grabage training pogrammes, ''miracle solutions'' or overnight results. 


The ridiculous celebrity endorsed "quick fix" diets all just rub this in!


They don't help move us towards progress.  


They simply mislead us!


Leaving us with no idea on which is the best route.


They confuse us all even further!


Statements on Facebook or in magazines stating


"This is how your diet should look" are quite frankly ridiculous!


Nobody knows what YOUR diet should look like...


Not without sitting down with you and assessing things in detail first.


Remember that when you see statements with no logic...


Which, are usually the ones that are basically just a marketing ploy.


Take this from me....


EVERY gym member or individual seeking weight loss, improved performance or improved health, has struggles or sticking points


Whether it be with changing habits, tweaking things or developing and putting together a clear exercise structure that's sustainable.


We all hit plateaus...myself oncluded.


It's NOT just you, rest at ease on that.


One thing YOU probably DON'T do however, is give yourself enough credit!


People such as yourselves are a very small minority!


YOU'RE making more effort than the average person sat at home.


YOU'RE actively looking for guidance.


YOU'RE reading this article for God sake!


That's proof and evifdence of what I'm saying right there.


Granted, maybe things aren't going the way you want them to just yet BUT....



(read that again)


Maybe you do need help, possibly pointing in the right direction or a bit of coaching BUT...




Hopefully you'll remember this the next time you're about to criticise yourself for not being at your target quite yet. 


Remember, CRITICISM alone is POINTLESS!


CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICIM with guidance and clear steps to follow afterwards is where it has a place and potential benefits. 


That's my rant over with, have a great rest of the week...


Hopefully one without too much self-criticism ;-) 


Take care,




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