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Smartshaper Fitness 1-2-1 Training Prices


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Full Lifestyle Analysis

inclusive of a full analysis of the following -

- Diet      

- Flexibility

- Movement

- Posture

- 42.00

per Analysis


Every individual needs to know the current status of their posture, flexibiliy levels and current level of performance through the 7 most important movement patterns.

Analysis of the above factors along with dietary and supplment analysis (if applicable) is the first step towards improving all aspects of physical health and fitness.

1-1 Appointment - 35.00   per session

comes complete with -

- Programme design

- Dietary guidance

- Feedback and summary

- E-mail support

- 1 hour of 1-1 Personal Training


4 week

Foundation phase

- 140.00 total

Comes complete with -

- Lifestyle asessment

- Programme design

- Dietary guidance

- Feeback and summary

- E-mail support

- Health Supplement discount


- 4 hours of 1-1 Personal Training

40 minute 

1-1 PT session

- 26

Per session

Comes complete with -

- Programme design

- Dietary guidance

- Feedback and Summary

- E-mail Support

- 40 minute 1-1 Personal Training

2 people per PT session 25 per person - 50.00 total An ideal option for friends or family members looking to get all the benefits of PT at a lower cost.
Group training Prices vary (Details avaialable upon request)  
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      100% Full Money Back Guarantee

      We are so confident in the quality and the effectiveness of our proven packages and services, that If you take us up on one of our services and, despite following the advice you've been given, you fail to achieve the results you were promised, we will refund 100% of the money, guaranteed.

      Money Back Guarantee

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