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Personal Training Services

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Full Lifestyle Analysis

These sessions are geared towards identifying and resolving the major problems with any individuals weight management and exercise habits. Constant motivation and guidance throughout these sessions ensure that you get the most effective exercise session you have ever experienced whilst developing safe and effective exercise habits.

1-1 training also ensures that all the major areas of safe weight management nutrition are covered whilst helping you understand and grasp how and why they work and why FAD diets dont work.

I personally guarantee that following a 1-1 Full Lifestyle Analysis with me you wont give any magazine diets or celebrity training programmes a second glance!

Analysis Cost
42.00 full price
Online personalised plan  (see bottom of page for further details)

1-2-1 Appointment

Too many people base their training from others in the gym when actually most of the time the person you are watching is probably giving you a good example of how not to train! Its a fact that only 6% of people that exercise in a gym environment without guidance from a PT reach their target goals.

Working with me allows for full analysis and development of your all round exercise technique which ultimately will leave you reaping the benefits in the form of body fat reduction, improved general health and knowledge! Believe me when I tell you that 50% of developing a well shaped physique comes down to nutrition.

We will break down, plan and implement an effective nutritional plan that will be hugely effective, straight forward and most importantly sustainable. You will see that there will be no need to search the Internet or magazine's for the next wonder supplement or training device when you have your own Smartshaper Fitness plan in your hands!

Session Cost
35.00 full price
Online personalised plan (see bottom of page for further details)

4 Weeks Foundation Phase

Every person that I work with generally has developed some form of bad habbits that they may not even be aware of.  The Foundation phase is aimed at re-programming the body to be able to exercise effectively and carry out the most effective nutritional principles regularly.  

The four week phase is based of two 1-1 training sessions per week and within this four week phase you can expect to see some huge changes in your body shape but also your general health well-being.

If by the end of the phase you aren't happy with your results you will be given your money full refund!

Total Cost
140.00 full price
Online personalised plan (see bottom of page for further details)

40 Minute 1-1 PT Session

The 40 minute 1-1 sessions are aimed at giving an individual the major benefits of the full hour sessions yet geared towards focusing on and prioritising the major weaknesses in more detail initially and spending less time on the minor points for improvement that will be covered further down the line.  

Great results are still acheived and fully guaranteed and you can expect to see major improvements in mindset, body shape and confidence following these sessions.

These sessions are great option for an individual that is new to exercise and feel they may not quite be ready for a full hour of 1-1 training. 

Performance development sessions 26.00 per session
Online personalised plan (see bottom of page for further details)

2 People per PT Session

Have a friend or family member that has the same goals as you?

Why not make the PT sessions more affordale?

As always they are fully guaranteed and achieve all the great benefits and end results as a 1-1 session.

Two people per session 25.00 per person (based on 1 hours training)
Online personalised plan (see bottom of page for further details)

Group Training

Take advantage of all the benefits of personal training with some of your friends!

Even better, you can save some of your hard earned cash in the process.

The same quality of training, the same great results, less cost.

Group Session Costs

2 People
25.00 per person (based on 1 hours training)
3 People 20.00 per person (based on 1 hours training)
4 People 15.00 per person (based on 1 hours training)
5 People 12.00 per person (based on 1 hours training)
6 or more Prices vary, please enquire for details

Personalised programmes via e-mail


If youre happy that you can fully motivate and sustain a consistent exercise and nutritional plan alone when given the correct guidance an online personalised plan will be the way to success for you. 

Dont waste your hard effort and motivation any longer, get the right tool in the form of a personalised plan and start making progress.

Online personalised plan 35.00 

100% Full Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident in the quality and the effectiveness of our proven packages and services, that If you take us up on one of our services and, despite following the advice you've been given, you fail to achieve the results you were promised, we will refund 100% of the money, guaranteed.

Money Back Guarantee

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